Friday, November 11, 2016

10 Positive Things About A Trump Presidency

I've been feelin' kinda down since election night, I won't lie. So in order to keep myself from jumping off the closest bridge, I've  come up with...

10 Positive Things About a Trump Presidency

1. Pennsylvania’s own James Buchanan will no longer be ranked as the Worst President Ever.

2. Orange really is the new black.

3. Yes, world. We DO have a sense of humor.

4. The adjective “very,” long frowned-upon by grade school teachers everywhere, will make a huge comeback.

5. We win, North Korea! There is now a world leader more crazy and unpredictable than Kim Jong Un!

6. Graffiti artists everywhere, rejoice! There will soon be a 1,989-mile wall to paint on.

7. The White House gets brand new gold-plated toilets.

8. Vladimir Putin is the recipient of the other half of a silver-plated Best/Friends heart necklace from Claire’s.

9. Hoffman-LaRoche, makers of Valium, will rake in huge profits. 

10. There won’t be a Donald Trump reality show for at least four years.

Friday, October 28, 2016

Back in the blogosphere after a long absence... thanks for finding me.

Since I've been gone, I've written two young adult novels, one under the name S.K. Adams and one under Sadie Adams. I'm currently looking for an agent to help me find a publisher for them.

Call it a split personality, but I've always enjoyed writing vastly different kinds of books, in this case, thrillers as S.K., and light-hearted contemporary novels as Sadie.

Both genres captured my heart when I was a teenager. I spent uncountable hours reading Robin Cook, Michael Crichton, Stephen King, and V.C. Andrews, as well as Judy Blume, Lillian Hellman and every "trashy" romance novel I could get my hands on.

So I guess it was only natural to want to write anything and everything!

I had some success as a writer of adult fiction, but I always dreamed of writing great stories for teenagers, too. You never forget the impact great books have on your life, and if I am able to take just one person away to a different place, if only for a few hours, I'll consider it a win.

I've started a new S.K. Adams book, and have another Sadie Adams percolating, so check back every now and then to see what's happening.